Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Laundry Is On Going!!!!

We walked into the laundry room on Tuesday morning to find our brand new (3week old) washing machine was unusable.  The glass front had cracked and a piece fell out.  This was pretty devastating considering it was our first brand spanking new machine in years.  After several days worth of phone calls a replacement is on order but will take another week or so to arrive.
So what do you do when your washing machine breaks and a new one will not arrive for another week and you have a butt load of kids?
We took almost every seat out to fit in all the piles of dirty laundry a week without a machine in our home will produce.  
It was everywhere.
We headed off to an Express Laundry Center and spent a fortune. I do love the mega machines and my special helpers. 
I was glad to have Princess and Bagel with me to help.  We had our work cut out for us, but they really did make the most of it. Even giving nasty faces when I was taking pictures.

I do love the mega machines they hold 7 louis per machine, isn't that awesome. 

I do adore the wall of dyers.
The girls even sorted the laundry as we brought back to the van.  They did such a great job and were pretty speedy.
We arrived home giving everyone their completely laundry to put away.  We worked hard but we did get 2 days worth of work done in about 3 hours.  Go us!  I can't wait to get my new - new machine soon.  

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