Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Travel Day 2 and Benedictine College

After breakfast we headed to Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.
We were thrilled to learn how authentic this college really is.  The Catholic faith is taught beautifully at this school.  We are so excited that this place exists.  The campus was beautiful as well.

The grotto was our favorite spot.  The spirituality here was incredible.  J and I both stated that we wish we had gone to Benedictine College.

Bear loved it here, and I really think this is where he will transfer after community college.
Possible and Sugar are not sure, but the campus is just gorgeous.  Here we are standing being the building that the Monks live in and looking down into the Missouri River.  I want to go back in the fall and see all the leaves change colors.
Back on the road bear helped Adorable with her makeup.  She thought she looked so pretty until we gave her a mirror and then she cried.  Bear is very bad at makeup.  She forgave him, and we know she loves him.

Sugar did the makeover for Beautiful but Bear added the mole on the cheek.  We really need to keep the makeup from him.

Now back in Houston the rest of the clan finally got on the road.  Booker's partner had her last shift and Pooker couldn't miss it.  She said her goodbyes before taking off.
We arrived in St. Charles around 6:00 pm and had dinner with Nanny and Gramps.
After dinner we drove to Mimi's.  We thought we were all heading to six flags with them the next day but were shown the big family picture of EVERYONE ELSE having gone while we were driving.  We still don't know why but my sister took everyone to Six Flags the day before we arrived, even though she knew we thought we were all going the next day.
I was so stunned by the betrayal that I made J take us to the Adoration chapel at our old parish.  So many beautiful changes had been made.  Jesus is the best family no matter where we are!

Other than half the family surprising and hurting us, day two was a beautiful day with Pooker, Goobers, Pickle and Princess arriving around 2 A.M.

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