Friday, July 17, 2015

St. Louis Reaction

We tried an old favorite of J and I and it proved to be too dangerous for Sugar.  She tried to convince herself that it was her cold and stayed way too long.  We had called ahead of time and were told the table was wiped down but she smelled the cooking shrimp and had to give herself an injection.  We never should have risked it.  I think I was way too distracted by the family drama and it was J's favorite place from years ago.  

Poor Sugar, once anaphylaxis starts she is terrified.  We were all pretty calm and Pooker was with us. It is always nice having an EMT with you.  Sugar injected herself outside the restaurant.  Then Pooker and J took her off to the ER.
This was an eye opener to our friends Gabby and Miss Brenda.  Fr. Tom had been with Sugar when she reacted on the March For Life trip years ago.    
We paused after they left and prayed for Sugar and then carried on with our evening.  

We tease Sugar that she is just expanding her ER tour to include new hospitals.
At least the closet ER was named for one of our favorite saints.  This is actually where Princess had been born just before our move to Houston.
Fr. Tom made sure to stop by hours latter after changing into his blacks.  Sugar's blood pressure took a long time to stabilize this round.  It is so nice having such good care and such good spiritual care as well.  Sugar is ok and again we are so thankful!

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