Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Pooker On The News Again

She can't tell us about her day, but sometimes she can send a link to the news.  Then we get to see her pretty face, arm or back of her head.

I really am proud of this girl.  I want her safe - as I am her mother - but more importantly I want her to be on the path to Heaven.  She risks herself to save others.  Often the people she is "saving" are the bad guys, like this story of a man stealing car and then crashing it.  She was there to help "the least of my brothers" and the truth is she does it for HIM. I could not be more proud.  (Maybe happier because she is safer but not more proud!)  Here are a serious of photos attached to the story that appeared on the Houston News. 
She is just so darn pretty!  A true HERO!

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