Friday, July 24, 2015

Goober is 21!

 Goobers started her birthday with a toast with Pooker after midnight.  21 is a big one!

Pooker had nothing but beautiful words to say about Goobers on her birthday:
"The day you were brought home my life was dramatically changed"
My sister is my best friend. Goobers means the world to me. She is the most joyful, caring and overall wonderful person I've ever met. She keeps me and all of her siblings in line. She loves so deeply. Her heart is as big as they come. I really don't know where I would be without her love and support. She has gotten me through my worst days and has been by my side cheering on the best ones.
Welcome to the party! I have been waiting for your 21st since my 21st. We're not the crazy party girls and I know we're not intending on ever going too far with our drinking, but I am happy to have a roommate who can get the alcohol before I get home. wink emoticonwink emoticonI love you so much.
Everytime I have sisters as patients, I have to keep from losing it. You absolutely mean the world to me and I don't know what I would do without out. I'm so proud of who you are. Keep growing in your faith and being a light in this world for others. 
Happy 21st birthday!

We all took Goobers to lunch to Chuy's for her day. 
Sugar had this to say:
"Happy birthday Goobers!!! Thanks for always being there for me, and everyone else!!! You really are AMAZING!!!  ‪#‎cutie‬ #21 ‪#‎bigsister‬‪#‎bestfriends‬ 😘😘🍹🍸🍷🍻🍺"

Princess simply said this,
"Happy birthday to this girl I can't believe you're 21.#21 ‪#‎oldersister‬ 🎉🍺🍻" 

Look at that Goober's ordered a beer!  You go girl!
She also tried Pooker's margarita.
It was a delightful lunch except that we were really missing Bear.  He is gone in Haiti.  This is especially hard on Goobers.  They are such great friends.  She really missed him.



My two purple girls are giving each other trouble.

Later that night us big kids set out to party.  Pooker had us going to an Italian Restaurant were we would enjoy good company, good food, and good wine! 
Pooker and Goobers ordered a delicious bottle that we all shared!  
Our server and the manager made sure to make Goobers feel special on her special day!  It was awesome to be treated so nicely.

As we sat at dinner, the best part of the day came.  Goobers got a text from her brother Bear in Haiti.  He had to borrow someone's phone with international set up.  it just said, "Hi Goobers, it is Bear.  Happy Birthday, I love you!"  She teared up with the biggest smile on her face.  Then she showed us. I love how tight these kids are.

**** When Bear returned home he said this on Facebook:
"So this past week my dear older sister turned 21. Goobers truly is the best of the best. So I'd just like to say happy birthday. Honestly I wouldn't be Bear with out you. ‪#‎GowithGod‬ #21"
**** (added)
That was the best part!  I just can't explain how wonderful the relationship these kids have.  They love each other and admire the good in each other.  They want heaven for each other.  
 We ordered deserts but Goobers came with a candle and a song in Italian.

After we settled the bill the manager came over with four shots to celebrate Goobers birthday.  Limoncello is an Italian lemon flavored liquor made in Italy.

They were delicious and had us giggling the rest of the night.  The dj made sure to play "Happy Birthday" as we left and the night ended as beautifully as it began.  God has blessed the world with this wonderful woman.  We know that she will continue to grow in her faith and continue to develop into a strong independent person.  We love you bunches Goobers! We could not be more proud of you!   Happy happy birthday! 

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