Friday, July 10, 2015

Bear Gets a Truck Too - Pooker's Partner Sails Off

Hey that is Bear working at the lifeguard up on that stand.
He is so funny.  During an incredibly long shift as a lifeguard, Sugar and I took a truck over for him to look at.  The truck was coming from a couple that works with Pooker in the EMT world.
 This couple decided to sell everything they had and sail away. Bear will benefit from Pooker's loss.
I ask that you pray for Pooker's former partner as she and her husband explore the world.  Pray for Pooker that her new partner will be just as qualified and as much of a good balance.  Her line of work can be very stressful and good partner makes all the difference.  Now back to Bear, he liked the truck.  The mechanic didn't have horrible things to say about it.  We bought it. 

Man we have a lot of trucks in our home.  I guess that means we are officially Texan!?!

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