Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Young Couples Wedding

J and I were invited to a friend's wedding and were thrilled to witness a beautiful ceremony.  I am sharing this story because it really was so beautiful and I don't want to forget.  The sun was shinning when we walking into Mass but it was starting to cloud up.  Shortly after Mass started it began pouring.  Lightning, thunder and pounding rain.  J and smiled as we have always been told that it is considered a blessing of fertility to have it rain on your wedding day.  At the elevation of Our Lord in just before communion the rain stopped.  The sun poured into the church lighting up the SON.  It was almost magical to see.  We were later told that one of the groomsmen rain out of Mass just as it started to rain.  He opened a jar and collected the rain water.  After Mass he ran out, grabbed the jar full of the rain water, and then asked the priest to bless the water.  He then gave the couple this beautiful gift of Holy Water to be used during the baptisms of their children.   I am taking jars with me to all future weddings.  I still tear up remembering what a beautiful gift this if for the couple.  

May God Bless Adam and Mallory and help them to grow closer to Him in all that they do.

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