Friday, June 5, 2015

Trying to Please HOA

We got a note from our HOA that there was mold on our awning that needed to be removed.  We were told how dangerous mold is for Houstonians and that we needed to address it soon for face fines.  When we bought the house we were told that the awning was copper that had been oxidized, making it a pale green.  When we got the note, we first tried to clean the awning and discovered it wasn't mold at all just the paint coming off.  We tried to treat it as if it were copper only to realize it was just a cheap mettle painted to look like it was oxidized copper.  We wanted to show the HOA that we took care of it so we were obnoxious about it in our own way.  We chose a different color and started painting.  Pickle and Sugar both helped and it looks very different.  At least they can't accuse us of not taking care of the "mold".

Painting both the door and the awning the same color gives the house a new look.  Now we will probably get in trouble for changing color without permission.  We need to move out of an HOA neighborhood.

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