Monday, June 8, 2015

Sprint Sizzler Day Two - for the WIN

Possible's best friend came by to cheer her own tonight.  Marissa is a dancer and Morgan is a swimmer so they really come from different world.  They support each other and cheer other on.  That is a sign of a true friend.

 The good news is that with only 48 swimmers representing the Otters this year the team did extremely well!  They ended up coming in Second place in the small team division.  The T family kids lived very close to where the competition was held so they waited until 11 pm to help with clean up - as the event was sponsored by our old team and Coach Goobers was there working hard.  They also knew to stay to see the trophies being passed out.
 Possible was super psyched and wanted to hold the trophy, I think this made the other coaches a little nervous.  I imagine them calling Bear saying, "Hey dude, we won and your siblings won't let us hold the trophy!"  The kids were so sad that Bear had to miss this moment.
The coaches look pretty nervous watching the prize.

 The kids each had personal goals for this meet.  I hope I swim faster in this stroke.  Each one met their personal goals.  For my Otter Swimmers it was a huge success.  Our old team, Goober's Team came in third place for the large team division. Making the Otter's trophy bigger than the Cuda trophy.  With Bear not there the other coaches decided that they needed to tease Coach Goobers, asking if she could help them hold their trophy.  The little ones laughed about this until I sent them to bed.

 Way to go Texas T's.  Each of these kiddos helped the team to win this trophy.  All points are important in an invitational meet.  The kids say they were cheering the loudest as they won the trophy.  Go Otters.  I guess it was fun to win in front of their old team, although we don't dislike them at all.  Yeah Otters and thanks for hosting a fun event Coach Goobers and the Cudas.


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