Saturday, June 6, 2015

Our Busy Saturday Continued

We joined the kids at the meet after returning for trying to get to the ordination.  The meet was ending as we arrived.  Their was a silent auction going on as a fund raiser so we placed some bids and helped clean up the pool area.

 kat had helped Sugar cheer on our Otters today.  These two later said that they never realized how hot the meets were for parents.  They were wanting to dip in the pool so badly to cool off.

Beautiful - Kat - Adorable
 As we were cleaning up Possible helped a young girl out of the water that had hurt her back and couldn't move at first.  It was a pretty scary event for this 6 year old and for all of us praying for her.
Zumba watching the girl get help!
 I must say that dad and I swelled with pride when the ambulance came, it wasn't Pooker's company but it reminded us of how proud of her we are.
 They took the young girl off and we heard later that her back was badly bruised but they didn't expect any permanent damage.  So back to cleaning up and returning things to where they belonged.
Those are very heavy benches.
We decided to grab lunch out again this week (we won again) and we knew that the rest of the day would be rushed and crazy.  I love these kids and I am so glad that God has blessed us with so much time to enjoy each other's company.  We spent the afternoon remembering the teen and the six year old in our prayers.  
The food was good!  It always is at Chuys.

We "won" two auction items that we would unwrap later.  The proceeds from the baskets go to a scholarship fund for the otters, so we love helping with that stuff.

 After Mass, after lunch/dinner, after the action, after the meet, after the ordination, after the traffic we decided to relax at the pool.  At least that was the plan but these cuties would not stop.
I hope your Saturday was filled with as many adventures as we had.

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