Saturday, June 13, 2015

Otters VS Forest Oaks Barracudas!

This was the last regular swim meet of the season.  I find the season to always linger longer than I want but that was not the case this year.  It did not get really hot until this last week.  We only have a few more weekends of swim and the next two weekends are at indoor pools.  Yeah!

This is the T-Family Camp as dad calls it.  We always set up everything including coolers and chairs. Then we hardly use it because we have so many swimmers that we are often pool side watching our kiddos go.  I laugh at this shot because I don't know those kids in the tent except that is Princess in the chair with her back to us and the towel over the back.  I wonder if this is what was meant by "feed the world".  That is what I do, "Just one swimmer at a time."
Pooker loves her time with the twins and they adore her.  Booker is with Adorable and Sugar and Beautiful are with them.
On the blocks. - Go Girl!
J is their biggest fan.

Good Swim Jumba


Look at those faces I am getting from Adorable as we head home.

We stopped on our way home to have wings as a family.  Pickle was not to happy about needing to put his shoes on after a long morning of swimming.  Adorable tried to cheer him up with his.  Amazing the power that the little ones have.

So another season in the books, wahoo!

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