Friday, June 26, 2015

Otter Delivery

After the Otters were finished we set out to surprise the swimmers the morning of the post season invitationals.  The night before we gathered with the coaches, divided the signs and headed out.  Surprises are so much fun to deliver.

We owe our thanks to the B family girls for their artistic work and their help with deliveries.

It was also fun to discover the signs that Sugar made especially for her siblings.

It was most fun to see all the thank you the next mornings on FaceBook:

"Yes thank-u T family!!"

"Love the signs! Sorry we are missing All Stars this year. I had to take a minute to say LOVE OUR AMAZING COACHES! When did you have time to do this? Otter love!"

"T family made them and have been working on them for a while. I think the signs are absolutely adorable and fabulous!"

"So adorable! These kids will never forget this! Love love love the Tiemeyer family!"

"Thanks for the yard signs. They are adorable!"

"Thank you! love love love the signs. It was a great surprise for the kids to walk out and see them in the morning. New tradition!"

 "What a labor of love. Thank you to all!"

"Incredibly thankful for a great first season with the Otters! Our girls looked forward to seeing their friends and coaches every week. Thank you to the coaches and board for their dedication to our girls! Sophia was so excited about her Otters sign this morning!!!"

"Awesome surprise!! Thank you Otters and Coaches for a great season!!!"

"Thank you for this awesome surprise! What a fantastic way to start the day!"

ETC, ETC, ETC  you get the idea.  The Otter signs were a huge hit, the swimmers loved them, and we started a new tradition.  We were not ever going to say it was us but someone else shared that information. We were thrilled to see so much joy!

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