Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day

J is man that is defined by his fatherhood.  His children have given him purpose and drive.  his love for each of these people is a God-Like love of giving of self.  He wants nothing more than to be surrounded by all of them all of the time.  They know that.  They trust that and they love him for it.  

After Mass we grabbed some pictures, got Chuys to go and then came home and enjoyed our time together before the kiddos had to run off to various jobs and activities.  

Get ready dad is coming to the picture.

"It's the best Bon Jovi one I could find. Thanks for being such a fantastic example of a man. Thanks for always being there for us. You are an incredible father. No question. We all love you so much and are truly Blessed to have you leading our family. Love you, papa T!" 

Happy Father's Day J, you really are the best dad.

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