Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another allergic reaction - Dad's Fault

Remember this shot from the last posts?  Well take notice of the salsa on the table.  It was delicious.  We actually had two kinds loved both of them but one was especially good.

While waiting for everyone to get home from all their jobs we enjoyed some yummy chips and salsa, nothing fancy and not so much as to destroy our appetites for the roasts that had been slow cooked all day long.
 This was such good salsa, although I don't know if you can get it in other parts of the country.  I grew up in St. Louis and I think they must be the home of a million Italian restaurants.  They al produce their own salad dressings that you can buy in most grocery stores.  The store has feet and feet dedicated to salad dressings.  I was sad when moving to Texas to loose all those options.  It was something I didn't realize would happen.  Texas's version of that would be the feet and feet dedicated to salsas.  (If you don't have a shellfish allergy order this one from amazon - it is that good!  BUT does contain shellfish!!!!)  We read the labels on almost everything but we eat salsa all the time so dad picked up this can and threw this in the basket with out looking!

Yep you read that right, SHELLFISH.  Sugar came home, took one bite and then turned to me and said, "Why do you keep trying to kill me?"  I grabbed my purse she grabbed her ID and we left to head back to the ER.  In retrospect this sounds so stupid but we were not sure if she should use the epic or not because she was still on medication to control the first reaction.  Half way to the ER she needed it and let me actually inject her.  We got the ER used what we will forever refer to as her exam room and this time an IV was started to administer the medications.  We were all a little nervous considering this was her second reaction in two days.  Again I expressed my worry that the epic might not work some time and the doctor told me not to worry about that.  It will always work.  He was growing more concerned will all the steroids she had been on in the past two days.  

In the end Sugar was OK but we grew worried that the medicines would give her trouble.

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