Monday, June 1, 2015

Allergic Reaction - Mom's Fault

I purchased some cool SNAPEA crisps the other day while my eyes were dilated.  I didn't even read the package for allergy earnings because they were peas.  I was trying to find a healthier alternative for my swimmers.
Always read the package no matter what!  I thought I knew that, and I hoped this was the last time I needed to be reminded.  The product was actually manufactured in a plant that also processes Shellfish and Shrimp.  AS IT CLEARLY STATES ON THE PACKAGE!  I feel so stupid.

Sugar didn't like what we had for dinner tonight.  She ate but not much and then looked in the cabinet for something else to munch on.  She grabbed these, took one bite and immediately knew she was in trouble.  She came into the room where I was and handed me her epic pen saying that she needed help getting the cap off.  I pulled it of while asking what she needed it off for.  She just said we need to go to the ER and gave herself the shot.
Let me tell you how stupid I fe;t for having bought those stupid crisps.  I was very proud of Sugar for knowing that she needed the shot and then giving it to herself.  This young lady has become so mature with this allergy.  I guess she had to but I am still proud of her.
J and I both felt so bad so we both took her to the Er.  she responded well to the medication again an looked adorable getting a breathing treatment.
We took some silly pictures after she started feeling better and her swelling went down.  
Sugar posted the above shot on her Facebook saying, "Thanks for taking me to the ER!!!"  Silly kid, we told her that she can get mom and dad time without the ER.

This poor kid!  It seams that her reaction to the epic and then the steroids is getting worse with each use.  I only hope that we wait a long time - like forever, before the next reaction! 

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