Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shellfish in Bug Spray - Really!?!

After our great night we headed to bed.  My heart was full and I was thrilled to know that I had such a cool family.  I heard the kids goofing off upstairs but I was tired.  I heard someone come down and search for something but like I said I was sleepy and no one woke me up.  

As it turns out it was Sugar upstairs fighting a roach and loosing.  She didn't want to smash it so she came down stairs found some pray and attacked.  She used too much and took a breathe in and got some of the spray in her lungs.  I have done this before with no ill effects.  Sugar immediately went into anaphylactic shock.  She knew that there must be something in the spray.   She read somewhere that some bug spray's use fish oil as their binding agents.  I have contacted the company to verify but have not had any answers yet . . .  BUT  This was more than enough to send her into shock.  I am so proud of her. 

She administered her epinephrine dose and then woke me up telling me we were heading to the hospital

It was 12:45 am and I was good to be awake enough to remember that we liked ParkWay ER.  Ironically they are still a little slow being new to our area and had spent the evening taking some pictures for their Facebook page.  They all know Pooker as well from her bing an EMT so they treat us like royalty.  I love that Sugar feels validated and not questioned.  She knows her life is in danger and this ER respects her knowledge and doesn't question her.

These people really are the best.  We felt like they took wonderful care of us.  The good news is that Sugar was again reacting the way she should to the medicine so all is good in the world.
After an hour of treatment and observation we were sent home.  Poor Sugar was going to be wiped out the next day but all was worth it considering she was ok and we now know she can't be around bug spray.
This ended up being a avery long night.  The twins both woke up at different times running a slight fever and Sugar woke up again and again.

Later in the day the L family that Sugar is the nanny for came by with a special treat for her.  They were yummy and made with love for Sugar.

Sugar has complained that she spends more time in the hospital than anyone else and yet is always better before anyone finds out.  She jokingly complained that she never gets any "Feel Better Soon" treats so the L Family and I both had the same thought.  They made her yummy muffins and I bought some silly snacks even a Gummy Cockroach.  (I thought that was a little funny.)  Love you Sugar!  

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