Saturday, May 16, 2015

Deacon Preston

Our friend Preston invited us to join him to celebrate his ordination into transitional deacon.  It is the first level of Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Preston was the seminarian assigned to our parish last year.  He is the one that has continued to invite Bear to various activities to encourage his vocation.  

Many of the family members could not be there because of work and a swim meet.  I took these ladies (Sugar, Possible, Adorable and Beautiful with our friend Marissa) to the Mass and we tried to be a good as we could.  Pooker and Goobers joined us and helped with the twins.

it really was such an honor to get to witness this fabulous event.  Congrats to Deacon Preston.  Now ordination is only a year away.
Sugar and Marissa standing with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Marissa's Confirmation Saint.
We celebrate the twins good behaivor by getting them pink and purple candy.  As many know that Adorable is the pink girl and Beautiful is the purple girl.

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