Thursday, April 30, 2015

We Are Otters Now

This is the team that Bear coached for last year.  We asked to join this team to be around him this year.  Our old team refused to let us go so we thought we would have a year off.  Then late one night Bear got a text message from his team's NWAL representative saying that the NWAL board wanted us to swim so they decided to override our old team and let us swim for the Otters.  
Everyone was a little nervous swimming for a new team, with new rules, and new traditions.
Even dad came by after work to check out the practice.  I love the Pickle and Jumba agreed to swim for Bear this year (they sat out last season).

Go Coach Bear!  We love you!
Possible is very upset to be on a different team but very happy to be back in the water.

These two had a blast playing while the big kids swam.

So we started our swim season late this year and with a new time.  This will be quit an adventure.

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