Saturday, April 25, 2015

Surprise Possible

 I tried to be very selective in which pictures I picked to share from this event but I still have way too many.  Let me just say that Possible wanted a Sweet 16 Party but we told her we could not plan one.  She wanted a big party and wanted it near her birthday.  while we told her no, her siblings planned a surprise.  They were all in on it but Goobers and Sugar worked really hard to make this happen.  In true T family fashion everyone helped.  I will just let the pictures tell the story.  The only problem is that they are not all in order.  Too many photos to organize from several cameras.  Sorry, it was a great night, and Possible was very surprised.  Thanks to everyone that joined us to make this happen.

"So on Saturday my siblings through the best surprise party for me ever. I have the most awesome siblings in the world. Thank you guys so much I love you guys. Booker, Goobers, Bear, Sugar, Pickle, Princess, Bagel, Jumba, Adorable and Beautiful.  I have the best parents in the whole entire world. I love you!  Thank you guys so much! "

That girl was so happy and so thankful.  We owe our thanks to all those that made the night possible including the use of the gym.  The facilities were fabulous.  I know that everyone had a great time.  Thanks to all those that stayed and help us clean up as well.  
Happy Birthday Possible!  You are loved!

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