Saturday, April 18, 2015

ARCH Conference

ARCH Sponsored Catholic Homeschool Conference was a blast. I owe my thanks for inviting me in as a speaker and vendor. It was an honor and a lot of fun.

I was asked to be a "vendor" and set up a booth.  I was wanted to be present to chat with people.  It was like having coffee with me in my living room . . . well without all the kids running around and the laundry piled up.  Considering I love to chatting with people this was a great set up.  I really enjoyed interacting with people about their fears, their goals and their excitement in homeschooling.   

J wanted me to look professional and be the part so he had a banner for me and had my blog titles and covers put on it along with the Catholic Coffee Club logo and my head shot.  I was so supported!  

There was a lot of activity at the convention this year with many vendors.

And then I had my support crew.  Sugar, Possible and Goobers came with me.  They helped make coffee and talk with people.
Goobers also got some homework done.
One of my favorite parts was meeting a few members of the Holy Heroes family after we watched their videos all during lent.   It was a treat to see see them in person.

My talk was titled "Purposeful Homeschooling."  I talked about our family motto, "The goal is heaven and everything else is gravy" and how that motto has helped us to stay on track through the years.
I love public speaking and really enjoyed meeting several of the families after my talk.  I guess it went well, except that after hearing my introduction that included a reminder to turn off cell phones I was mortified when my phone went off.  I turned the ringer on when I thought I was turning it off.  UGH!  The conference is offering the talks for sale on their website.
I do want to thank my dear friend who invited me to speak and who believed in my abilities and message enough to give me a chance.

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  1. I wish I could have heard your talk, Shannon! And I would have been totally starstruck by the Holy Heroes crew, ha!


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