Monday, March 2, 2015

School Time Can Be Dangerous

Poor Jumba was being so kind today in helping the twins get up and down from their school seats.  The girls were coloring with colored pencils.  He grabbed at one of them as they started to fall and she threw her arm up.  In doing so she accidentally stabbed Jumba in the eye.  We washed it out right away but it didn't feel better even after several hours.  We took him to the ER.  

We took him to a new freestanding ER.  As it turns out the doctor knows Pooker from her EMS time. She told us that we would love this doctor and she was right.  He had the best patient care we have seen in any ER.  He told Jumba that his mom must be a superstar because she has so many kids and he knows that Pooker is a superstar because he has seen her work.  Jumba was pretty proud.

The good news is that Jumba's eye was just scratched and not deeply injured.  He would heal in a few days and they got him medicine to make the eye instantly feel better.

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