Thursday, March 12, 2015

Moving Out

As mom I could title this one so many different ways.  "Hearts Breaking", "Little Ones Fly the Coop", "Emptier Nest", "Growing Up", "Family Changing" or even by some standards "Finally".  All those titles hold a little piece of the truth.  (According to the Urban dictionary "Fly the coop"  means to grow old enough to leave the house of one's parents.) 

Pooker and Goobers have gotten their own apartment and are preparing to move in.  As we have watched and helped with this process we have also watched a flood of various emotions from other siblings, those moving, and even from dad and I.
I want to record this moment as a happy one for my girls.  So I will record our mixed feelings here in this post as we all try to deal with the changes.

I am so proud of these two.  Pooker came to us and told us that she was ready to move out.  She has worked in the EMS field for almost a year and is working hard to finish up her paramedics license and a subsequent nursing degree.  She also asked what we thought about Goobers moving with her.  Goobers is finishing up her associates and will be wanting to transfer to a university after she finishes.  Their time to try this together is now.  Pooker wanted Goobers with her because after all her sister is her best friend.  I love that.  

Let's be honest I am mom and that means I am worried about their safety and their financial decisions and just about everything else.  (I don't worry about their faith.)  After I put aside the worry I am so excited for these two.  They have a chance to step out on their own and spread their wings.  They are smart enough to be doing this together, they are with someone that they know they can lean on if needed.  They have included every last person in this house in all their steps.  They have made sure that everyone knows that they are just growing up BUT NOT leaving any one.  They have made sure that we will set up new family rituals to make sure we all stay close.   Even though I have yet to see the place, all the siblings have, they are all apart of this in some way.

They are not moving out because of a fight or because of disagreements on life choices, they are moving out because it is time.  I would lie if I said that I am not at all heart broken.  I am very heart broken in knowing that our family life will forever be different but I am also so full of hope and joy as I watch my oldest show the world that they are women of God ready to take on the world.  My novena to St. Joseph leading up to his feast day has been for them, their vocations and those of their siblings.  I ask Dear St. Joseph to keep them close to our Lord in all that they do.

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