Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kelloggs Rolled Into Town

We met these superstars a little over a year ago.  The T family kids and the K family kids are all close through various social media means.  This fabulous family has made their name known because of their travels. The Kellogg family spend their time together in their RV, homeschooling and enjoying every adventure life throws at them.  We are lucky to be able to join them when they hit Houston for a day or so.  Even with Gabby in town and a ton of other things going on but we were able to work in a few hours with our favorite traveling family.   An hour or so is all they need to pack tons and tons of fun into a short time.  
The kids just start playing like they have never been apart.  I love that.  I enjoyed my time with Susie.  We had a real mom to mom heart to heart.  Her oldest has already left the nest and I was picking her brain.  We both decided that having kids grow up and move out sucks.  We are thrilled that they are growing up and into who God wants them to be, but it still hurts a mom's heart.  
We enjoyed watching the the big kids run around like crazy people.
Beautiful - Adorable (closer and to the right)

We did overhear another adult at the park say, "No wonder the kids are acting like idiots the parents are too."  I can't believe how offended that woman was by a group of 15 kids playing and running around with their dads at a park. The kids heard this same lady say that we were incredibly irresponsible parents.  I didn't realize that playing with our children at the park was irresponsible.  I wonder what the heck responsible parenting is to this woman!?!?
Our older kids got together several other times with this family.  They played frisbee, went country dancing and even a late night "just one more time" round of Capture The Flag.

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