Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fly Little Birdies

Because I am in the habit of blogging everything I decided to share this moment where dad and I had our hearts break just a little but that was ok because they then filled with pride.

The girls had the hardest time watching the oldest two leave.
The girls followed them out but boys wanted to party.
I am so glad I had the twins.  They came a cuddled me when I most needed it.
So many important things going on in the world today that need our prayers and attention. I don't mean to take anything from those situations but I do ask my friends to offer a quick prayer for my two oldest today.  Pooker and Goobers have officially moved into their first place, all on their own. I am surprised at how heart wrenching it was having them leave this afternoon. I know we will see them all the time. They are extremely mature and prepared. Our family is ready for this step I know those two are, but it is a step. Love you girls bunches and bunches.

That is the quote I had on Facebook this afternoon.  I must say that even though I know they are going to be just fine, those few hours after they left were so hard.  The feeling quickly went away but all the sudden you are filled with the fear that you failed them as a parent, didn't teach them enough, or what if they aren't ready.  The truth is that these two are ready, dad and I have been great parents and we will still be here if they need us. 

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