Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt - How Fun

Two generations of Easter Bunnies just hanging out.
Bear did a wonderful job being the Bunny for the parish Easter Egg hunt.  His father used to do the same thing for his parish many years back.  Dad is just so proud.

AWE - Pooker, Goobers and Possible really love this Bunny.

The twins are a little freaked out about the Bunny until Bear shows them that it is his.  (Now they think he is the real Bunny - we will never live this down.)

Goofy pictures getting weirder every time.
We love the Bunny so much but I am not to sure if the Bunny loves us back.

Possible with her friends that were the volunteers for this event.
Adorable was much more brave than her twin.

Why do my kids want to grow up and be animals?
Adorable wants to see Bear again.

Even though she knew who the Bunny was she still wanted her daddy to protect her.  LOL
The W Family get their Easter shot.
The Mitchell family make the most of picture time with the Bunny.

So J had done the same thing years ago for his parish.  Like Father /Like Son.  I love it.
They all love this Easter Bunny.

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