Saturday, February 14, 2015

Catching up soon - New computer

I have not finished a post in months.  I have been dealing with a very old computer.  Actually it isn't that old just very used.  It was a laptop that must be plugged in to work.  I have seen that most of this computer is worn out.  So as December came and I was needed to use the computer for family purposes the same computer became more and more difficult to use.  I started looking at other options.  The new windows system meant that any new computer PC or laptop would have a learning curve.  Since I have to learn a new system my kiddos encouraged me to try Apple and IOS system.  I had decided on a laptop but walked away with a desk top.  My life is in flux, I guess.  So far (one week later) love it but am still learning. 
I have spent some time catching up on episodes of our favorite tv shows.  I love being able to use the big desk top screen for that.  The kids have challenged me to believe that it can do more than that.  I plan to continue to learn and use the new Apple more and more.  Thank you Jason for letting me invest in this computer.  I promise to catch up now, or at least get started.

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