Friday, January 30, 2015

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Ask any mom and they will tell you that there is nothing more attractive than a guy being a great daddy to his kiddos.  My kids are blessed to have a great man as their father who will do anything to make them happy.  I loved watching Princess and Bagel get all dressed up for their date with dad.  J had missed our excitement with Fr. Tom and the sending off of the big kids for their retreat because he was working so hard.  He comes home on Fridays worn out and ready to rest.  He didn't care, he got ready and then pinned their flowers on them.

They were off to the dance that was also a fundraiser for the the American Heritage Girls.  We are not in the group but wanted to show our support and the the three were not let down.  I think we can all tell by the pictures that they had a blast.

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