Thursday, December 18, 2014

Always Say a Prayer

As long as I can remember my mom has had me say a prayer every time we hear or see an ambulance drive by.  I offer my prayer for the health intention of the patients and for the EMS workers, I also pray for the families of both.  (I know that the EMS families miss their loved one while they work and the families of those injured are often very nervous.)  
As I was out shopping for Christmas dresses with a few of the girls we saw an ambulance drive by on a major road.  It was heading in the opposite direction with its lights and siren on.  We couldn't even see the lettering to know if it was the same company that our daughter works for but we paused and said a prayer like always.  

It then dawned on me that Pooker was working that night.  That might have been her.  I prayed harder.  My daughter would have been the one driving and her partner would have been with the patient.  That could have been my daughter zooming past to save a life.  I can't even begin to tell you how much my heart swelled with pride in my precious Pooker.  She is such a hero, in my book.  I texted the kids in the family loop and told them to all offer a prayer for their sister.  A little while later Pooker said that her partner and her appreciated the prayers.  It had been them, they were taking a patient the hospital we had just driven past.  Wow, that was one of those mom moments that words can never describe.

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