Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hello To The New

. . . We ended up with a Nissan NV Passenger that holds 12.  Not enough for our family of 13 but when needed we will squeeze.  We were in so much trouble from the kids that we even considered getting rid of the old van and got a new one.  In the end I think they like this one.  We like that we feel safer (as in in won't break down if we go to St. Louis over Christmas break). 

To be honest I was a little upset.  I wanted real luxury, or so I thought.  I have driven a basic van for years with no bells or whistles.  I wanted the fun stuff.  It can't be found in these huge cars.  In fact standard car loans no longer apply. Everything over 9 passenger is considered a commercial vehicle and the loans are set up to be at a higher interest rate.  We searched for months on ebay, and other on line car options.  I didn't want a GMC or Ford.  We have been there and didn't want another one that looked like the others.  The NV is a great alternative but there are very few on the market.  I hate white but again we searched and searched and didn't want to put off the purchase that we needed to make.  Maybe we will paint, wrap or dip it later.  For now we have a safe car that holds the clan. Again we are so thankful that God has provided us the means to care for our family in this manner. 

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