Friday, November 28, 2014


Poor Sugar feels this way at times.  She tells people how allergic she is but it doesn't sink in.  Even J and I hesitate to react.  In the back of our minds we are thinking,
"It is a small reaction!  
She didn't come in direct contact with shellfish!
This isn't that bad!"

All of those thoughts and hesitations could kill my precious girl. 

We even get mad when she says she is having a reaction.  It isn't on purpose.  It is just that knee jerk response.  The ER, the cost, the doctors doubting and questioning.  All these things make it so hard on her. 
After Kat stopped by for a visit, Sugar starting having trouble.  None of us could figure it out until someone asked if Kat had any shellfish.  We called her and as soon as she told us she had recently had shrimp Sugar was sure it was a reaction and then it was time to give her the shot.
Even when we realized the pen was needed it still causes a rumble in the house.  Goobers was ready to give her the injection again but one of the little ones ran upstairs to get Bear.  I was so impressed at how the kids take care of each other.  I looked at the pen and said I would do but I was nervous.  Sugar wanted to give it to herself but then realized she didn't have pants on. She worried that it would hurt more and hesitated.  Bear walked over but a blanket on her leg and helped her steady her hand.  When she pulled back he counted and then gave the injection to her, counted the time needing and then took the shot out.  He was calm and steady. 
The little ones went a got her stuff while Goobers took care of getting Sugar together and to the car.  The doctor and nurses always grill you like you are making the whole thing up.  I find it so frustrating and I understand why she hesitates knowing she is first facing mom and dad who doubt her and then the doctors.
I am so very thankful for this young woman.  Sugar is an amazing person.  I am so sorry that I ever doubt.  I am so thankful that the epi worked again and I am incredibly thankful for all of her siblings that make it better for her each time. I had just sent a note to someone on Facebook lecturing her about how you should never hesitate.  I hope Kat knows that we don't blame her.  She is just very sensitive.

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