Friday, August 22, 2014

The Twins really likes Daniel Tigers neighborhood

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was first aired the year before I was even born (1968). 
I have fond memories of watching his program through the years.  My older kiddos watched later episodes and then reruns.  This man was able to unite generations over the love of neighbor and of his fun puppets. 


If you watched an episode you would remember Mr. Rogers changing his shoes and sweater as he walked in the door, you would remember the trolley and that trolley takes us to imaginary land that included Daniel Tiger.

Brilliantly the people behind this creation have found a new way to bring this programing to future generations even though the original Mr. Rogers is gone. 
I must tell you that my kiddos love Daniel Tigers Neighborhood way more that I ever could have imagined they would. 
In fact watching them do the happy dance when we let them watch an episode is just too fun!


Side picture of Jumba with a new birthday gift from his Godfather and family.  He loves it.

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