Saturday, August 2, 2014

BOL Young Ones Play Day

Days like this I feel so old!  Another "Seasoned" mom in Bread of Life Homeschool group who had her 7th child at 46 wanted to organize some play dates for her youngest (who happens to be six months older than the T-Family Twins.)  J agreed to go with me to the morning meet and greet of young ones on a Saturday morning.  The kids all played and had a great time.  The dads hid out inside near the food while the moms sat outside watching the kids and chatting. 
Twin Adorable - Twin Beautiful

Not the twins are not in the above picture but sitting at the feet of the crowd on the swing.
They are social at home but outside of the house they pair up and don't really interact much.  I look forward to see how this develops as they grow.  I just seeing how different twins are from singletons.

When it came time to head home dad scooped up his babies was headed out.  He just adores these two!

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