Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two Year Old Twins at Play

Watching the girls at play is so different that watching a singleton at play.  These two year olds are thinking up things that the others did years later.  I wonder if the twins are just smarter than the rest of us. I suspect it is more that the two minds are better than one  and they have so many ideas coming their way from older siblings.  These girls spent about two weeks obsessed with building steps.  They did this using the drawers from an Ikea Shelving Unit that we used for their toys and clothes when they were a baby. 
The drawers are sitting empty right now because these two mess makers are in the "unpacking everything in site" stage.  Until that passes we leave the drawers empty.  The girls found a new purpose for them.  Day after day they would get the drawers out, drag them into the living room grunting and groaning as they did it and then create steps.  This lasted for two or three weeks.  The first couple of days we didn't stop to take a picture of it because it was just part of the mess of the day in the living room.  I then started trying to get a couple shots each day.  The steps were different each time.  The girls would talk as they built, designed and played.  I loved listening to a conversation I could not understand.  I was happy to see them helping each other when the tall drawers were used and free standing.  They would have one on the ground and hold the others hand as she climbed so high and then back down. 

As quickly as the phase came it also went away. 

I guess I will not forever have drawers all over the living room and maybe they will not grow up to be famous architects.  They have moved on to jumping . . . That really was interesting.   One thing is for sure, they are never bored.

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