Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bear In Haiti Missions (Pictures Are NOT Mine - property of STAOP)

This was the only picture of a few members of the group that we had until they were back in the USA.  Here they are arriving at airport.  The family back home heard that they safely made it to the mission base but then no other information for a week.  The call that they were back on US soil was such a relief. 



One of the goals of this particular mission week was to help 53 couples have a Sacramental Marriage ceremony.  The group collected several rings and dresses before leaving.  The permanent missionaries prepared the couples and had everything set up.  Our youth just brought the dresses, rings and lots of prayers. 

Actually I don't think that it was really a wedding veil
but it seamed like a cute picture to put here.


The group tackled all kinds of things.  The wedding was just part of it.  They visited a prison, they went to an orphanage, they met with Sisters in a monastery, they worked at digging a compost pit, they visited the homebound, they played in the ocean, they played with the children of Haiti, and met with the Bishop and this was all while praying for so many souls. 

Bear loved this time in Haiti.  I cannot really tell you much about these pictures and most were taken from the STAOP Haiti Mission Facebook Picture Page.  Bear asks that you join these beautiful people of Haiti in your charitable contributions.

For more information on the LifeTeen Haiti Missions:  Click Here
Bear wants all of you that joined him in prayer and support that he prayed for you, with you and will be forever grateful.

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