Sunday, June 29, 2014

Invitational Weekend

Cuda Fish in the yard mean that it is time for the invitational meets.  This is a cool tradition that has been with the Cuda's for as long as I can remember.  The coaches put a fish in the yard of those that swam fast enough to be invited to the special meets.  They are very personalized and take on such meanings of team spirit.  They pump up the kids about being a Cuda so much the night before the invites begin.   
Sugar - Possible - Princess - Bagel
This year all my swimmers got one.  They were all at least in the relays.  Possible and Bagel both qualified for All Stars and Bagel even made Ponderosa again in 2 events.  The weekend was chaotic.  The swimmers went back and forth between two meets, well so did parents, fans and coaches.  It was a busy weekend but fun.  This is the last big event at the very end of the swim season. 

In the end it is a lot of work for a few minutes in the water.  The fun was seeing Bear at work as the coach for another team.  Possible made it to the finals round in breaststroke and finished 4th at All Stars.  They both did fabulous. 

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