Thursday, May 1, 2014

Goals for 2014 - UPDATED 5-1-14

As the New Year rolled in I set aside 5 basic things that I wanted to focus on for the year 2014. I promised monthly updates in hope that it will keep my focused on accomplishing these.  Here is the original post:  Goals for 2014 as posted on 1-4-14

1) Replace Holy Mary Tree Topper:  Check
2) Create Heirloom Quality Christmas Stockings:
 Still nothing.  UGH.  Come November I am going to be very mad that I have not done much yet.

3) Improve Flexibility and Stamina:
 This has been a month of being on the move.  No lost weight with not eating out and eating better with what we have made from scratch at home.  Less soda but no change.  Moving more and more with the twins but not in the exercise way.  Loved that the pools are open on the weekends soon.  I want to start walking in pool.  Years that we swim a lot have been when I have felt the best.  So since we live in Houston and the weather will soon make movement outside nasty to even think about I am looking to the pools.

4) Move Into a Home That Better Fits This Big Family Needs:
This is still such a big issue for us.  We can't decide what to do.  Our home needs a lot of work to get top dollar.  As we are beginning to do this we keep finding homes that we like.  Nothing stands out enough to make us move yet.  We are now looking pretty far outside of Houston limits just because of cost and the amount of traffic.  I hate living with 4 million other people.  Yuck!

5) Be Adventurous:
The more I focus on this the more I realize that this is more a frame of mind.  We are not the family that would do well on the road all the time.  I love having the structure of friends and church that I am familiar with.  Maybe it is because the oldest are rooted in college level classes but Jason and I are both trying to peel back the fear of doing the things we want to do.  I don't even know how it happens but just like our peers we have reached a point in our lives that we don't want new things.  That isn't a healthy frame of mind.  I do want more from life. 

What a boring month April was in regards to these goals.  What boring people we are!  Busy but boring!


  1. Any month that you survive with 11 happy, well-adjusted kids is a success in my opinion! Your family is anything but boring!

    1. Thank you Blair. I can't believe that the only thing on the list that was accomplished was done so by Julie W giving me the new tree topper. To be very very very honest they don't seam well-adjusted right now at all!!!


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