Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun with Fr. Keller


These two are a mess.  After their birthday yesterday they rule the world.  After a nice breakfast we took the kiddos to the park.  J had to work but Bear and Fr. Keller came up with a fun plan.  Kayaking and water balloons along with kites.  Perfect.

Mom and the twins did not go out on the water.  With the help of Sugar and Jumba we got a huge lunch ready, had the L family meet us and prepared for a fun surprise.

Water balloons.  To be fair Fr. started this war years ago when he brought over water balloons and a huge sling shot.  He had the kids (young at the time) go stand at the back of our property.  They were pretty far back and we got off several water balloons before they scattered.  The kids live their life for revenge for that moment. 

Another fun day at the park with wonderful people.  We love Fr. Keller's visits. 

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