Monday, April 21, 2014

Swim Team Will Be Different This Season

Did you hear, it is already time for the swim season.  I can't believe that we are still in this neighborhood.  UGH, ok I will save that for another post.  The kids were thrilled and four of them signed up to swim again this year.  The boys went a different course. 
I have only four Cuda swimmers this year plus one coach.  Sugar really wanted to swimmer with the Cuda's for her senior year.  She is swimming with Possible, Princess and Bagel.  They are all being coached by Goobers again this year.

Pickle and Jumba decided to sit this year out.  Bear was asked to coach another team.  He an assistant coach for the Otters.

So I guess this year we say, "Go Cudas" and "Go Otters"!

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