Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not Again

She is full of smiles here but that was not the case a few minutes before. She is so sensitive to any shellfish. We were at LifeTeen and the activity called for their to be an open can of sardines in the room.  We were told that the package did say "May contain shellfish" and sure enough ten minutes after the can was opened in a room of about 350 people Sugar started having a reaction.  I was with her and really could not tell but she could.  I am  super proud of her as she gave her self the shot this time.  I feel better knowing that she will take care of business when needed.  Dad and I were happy to pay her the $50 incentive money.  We really do find comfort in knowing that she will "epi" herself when needed.  Once again we are relieved that she is fine. 

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