Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Kroger Becomes a Sibling Celebration

J and I both worked in grocery stores in our younger days.  I actually worked the Grand Opening of a store and had a blast that week.  All this has become a family thing to do as the kids have grown up.  We visit a grand opening looking for who from the company are out front welcoming you. Name tags of the big wigs are always nicer than the actual store employee version.  We check out the new design layouts looking to see what the new trends will be.  Self check outs are growing in popularity I would guess based on the number of them at this new store.
We approached this grand opening of a new store in the back part of own neighborhood like we always have in the past.  We tried to get everyone to go together but some of the kiddos could not join us. 
It was an incredible store with many features.  It is set up like a hybrid super store.  You can buy milk and eggs, but also jewelry, clothes, and even couches.  We visited 3 times over the first weekend.  All just for a few items.  I have yet to try it out as my store to actually shop in. 
The older kids decided to go later that night because the ones with us told them all about the amazing things.  I do feel a little bad that we didn't all get to go together.
The older kids came home so excited.  They had found these bowls.  I had purchased bowls like that years and years ago when my now adult children were young.  They found them and purchased enough for everyone of the children to be able to eat breakfast cereal at the same time together.  I giggled at the older kiddos excitement over the bowls.  They told me it was a sibling thing and needed to share with the younger ones.  I might not understand but I know this group is tight.

Later I saw what Pooker had posted this week for Nation Sibling Day:   
National sibling day.... I don't even know what to say. I have the BEST siblings. I have 10 of the coolest people in my life everyday. They inspire, encourage, support and drive me crazy 24-7! My world revolves around being a good big sister to each of you, I know I fall short but I hope you each know how much I love and cherish each of you. My prayer everyday is that we stay close and always have fun together. It's amazing to me how much all of us fit together so perfectly. Each personality meshes with the next and it just flows on our good days. here's to many more years together! I don't know what I would do without you guys!
Pooker is the best big sister and they all adore her. I understand how she feels though.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this fun, joyful life that they have created with each other.  They are all wonderful people.  Yep they are tight, and I am so proud of each of them! 

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