Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Irish Dance - Week Two

This week I was told (by the kiddos) that they wanted to work hard at practice and surprise me.  They asked that I stay in the other room and not watch.  I know that they were a little embarrassed by the pictures I took on their first attempt.  So I stayed and played with the babies.  We played  the "Celtic" channel on Pandora while the twins and another couple of friends "danced" around the smaller room. I was thrilled to find this channel because it give the older ones something to practice to during the week.  Being the month of March I think the music is appropriate.   
Adorable thinks that is what she looks like while dancing (maybe someday.)

I do offer a small reward after such a hard workout.  We stop by sonic on the way home for a nice treat. (Just a slushy)   Here Mrs. W is bonding with her god daughter Beautiful.  I love this time with friends.
Just cute!  Possible and Beautiful!

I am surprised by all the positive feed back that last post inspired.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences with this form of dance.  We are just two lessons in but are enjoy ourselves as we enter into this whole new world.

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