Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goals for 2014 - UPDATED 3-1-14

As the New Year rolled in I set aside 5 basic things that I wanted to focus on for the year 2014. I promised monthly updates in hope that it will keep my focused on accomplishing these.  Here is the original post:  Goals for 2014 as posted on 1-4-14

1)  Replace Holy Mary Tree Topper:  Check
I never thought I would be able to replace this. Thanks to Mrs. W, at the very last day of the month - I have great news to report.  She gave me a new Mary and Jesus topper on the last day of February for my birthday.  I was so surprised and so very thankful.  She has been looking for one since we became friends.  She also wanted one for her tree.  When my Mary topper burned she decided to try to replace it for me before buying one for herself.  Now I suspect she and Jason have been bidding against each other.   That being said, I love my new (old) topper and I am very thankful for a good friend that has helped me reach my first goal - and so early in the year.
2) Create Heirloom Quality Christmas Stockings:
 No magic tricks on the rest of the goals.  I have yet to cut any of the fabric for our stockings.  March goal is to have the stockings cut, sewed, and prepared for decorations. 

3) Improve Flexibility and Stamina:
 No, not much to this goal at all, either.  Lent is coming so maybe I can tie the goal to my Lenten offering and get moving.

4) Move Into a Home That Better Fits This Big Family Needs:
We have been all over the board on this one.  J and I have found a new subdivision that is North of where we are now.  We like the location and have singled out one house that would be perfect.  The sad thing is that this neighborhood does not have a pool, and that might be a deal breaker.  I then pause and think that maybe we should just have our current house worked on .  I hate it but it would be a lot less stress, worry and change.  This leads to how I am failing at number 5.

5) Be Adventurous:
I don't know about this one either.  I have so many adventurous dreams but in reality getting the kids to Mass during the week without Dad and the big kids can be an adventure that I am not that good at.  We have had a few park days, and few walks.  Simple, little things.  I guess it is about baby steps.  I like finding comfort in the everyday.  Maybe I need to work at define "adventurous" for us.  Some would say that having 11 kids is already an adventure and I think I would have to agree with that.  Now how to have an adventurous heart within our already adventurous vocation of a big family.

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