Friday, February 28, 2014




We believe that it is our Civil Obligation to vote.  This may seam unimportant in the off elections or primaries, but our ancestors died for our freedom to determine our own future. It might seam like your voice doesn't matter but it does.  Do your homework, read about the candidates, look to those that you trust to guide you and then vote.  We were able to early vote this week for the big day next Tuesday.  We try to early vote so that we can go together.  Lunch is the tradition afterwards.  Pooker had to work but we owe her a lunch.  Thank you kiddos for making us proud once again. We have tried to make a family tradition of voting together and then enjoying a meal together.  A little incentive goes a long way.  Thank you to all those past generations that have given us this luxury.

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