Wednesday, February 5, 2014

She's Been Stabbed

For five entire months we did not have an allergic reaction.  This was huge and apparently caused me to forget how dangerous it really is for Sugar here in Houston .  I was busy trying to figure out the Roku before a day of homeschooling when I heard Pooker walking down the stairs and talking loud enough for the rest of us to hear.  "No, mom is not reacting yet, I will see if she want you to go to the hospital closest to the campus or another one."  I thought to myself what an odd statement, why would I care which hospital someone goes to.  This is when I began to slow down my processing skills completely.
           Pooker:  "Mom, Goobers stabbed Sugar! Where should they go?"
My thoughts:  What could Sugar have possibly done that would have upset Goobers enough to stab her. 
           Pooker: "MOM, where should they go?  Sugar has been stabbed!"
My thoughts:  Another school stabbing and my daughter was the target, why isn't an ambulance taking her. I have no way to check the news now. 
           Pooker:  MOM!!!  Which hospital should she take her too, you know because of her allergies?
It all started to click and I felt so stupid. 
It was "Thai Week" at the college this week.  On Wednesday this meant free Thai inspired foods for the students.  Sugar got out of class early and went to the cafeteria with her friends. She asked before going into café and the volunteer said they didn't have any shellfish. As Sugar stood over the steaming shrimp rolls she knew she was on trouble. Goobers epi(ed) her a few minutes later.
This allergy is so extreme. She never touched or ate anything, she just smelled the steaming shrimp. I didn't speak to anyone, so my drive to the hospital was so long.  I had no idea if the epi had helped this time.  As it turns out each of the kids thought someone else was texting me.  I was so relieved when I got there and found both my girls breathing just fine and enjoying the great excuse that they had to be missing classes.
Apparently Goobers got to Sugar just in time to help.  To encourage the kids to not wait around for someone else to inject the shot we offer an incentive.  $50 to whoever gives the shot, including Sugar if she gave it to herself.  I am worried that she did not inject herself but she is right, I don't understand what it is like or what is going through her head. I do know that she must get over her fear.  She has too many reactions to not take care of herself.

Goobers tells a cute story (only because Sugar is OK) that she could see right away what was happening and she just grabbed the pen and jabbed her without hesitation.  A monetary incentive goes a long way for an out of work college student.  Sugar is finally able to breathe clearly and takes in a huge deep breath and as she exhales she exclaims, "Hey you get 50 bucks now!"  Dad's response to owing Goobers $50, "Best $50 we could ever spend!"
I am just so relieved that Sugar is OK!  We are blessed beyond words.  Also a little upset that the school did not warn her not to enter the cafeteria.  She even asked and was given bad information.  That scares me.

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