Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday (Mine)

I have had the honor of sharing the celebration of my birthday with the most special people in the world, my family.

 Sunday was the day before my big day but we could all get together.  We had hoped to see a movie but ran out of time after Mass ran long.  Off to Chuy's we went.  I feel so loved by all my kiddos and their wonderful presents.  Jumba even got me a candy bar with his own money and Bagel made me a beautiful box to hold my stuff.

I just love the family shot.
 I am so very blessed.

 When I looked out at the table I could not help but feel overwhelmed by the awesomeness that exists in my children.  They are smart, loving, funny, kind and adventurous people of God.  They are not as much a reflection of me as they are my models of behavior. 
 After dinner I had Sugar and Possible with me for LifeTeen.  These two made sure the love of Neen continued.  They took cards around to have my peers sign and then also one for my team of teens to sign.  Before LifeTeen started we shared some chocolate covered strawberries. 
 The next morning was our Catholic Coffee Club.  Possible had organized a gift from these teens and then had a cookie with ice cream and singing for me.  I can't believe how much they all went out of their way to love on me for my birthday. 
The house was filled with balloons everywhere.  This lead to several days of fun for the babies especially.  J and I went out for dinner on my birthday and had a wonderful conversation.  Life isn't perfect, and at times I feel like I have little to show for all the work I do. I couldn't possibly feel that way with all the love that was shown me on my birthday.

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