Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ice In Houston - God must love me!

This never happens.  We had several days in a row of cold-cold weather.  It was cold-cold for us anyway.  I realize that much of the country had below zero temperatures at this time but for us we hardly ever get below freezing and have it stay that way for a more than one night at a time.  We actually had about 3 days of this cold weather.  I loved it.  When I ran an errand on the last morning I found that a sprinkler in the gold course must have tried to spray over night.  What was left behind was something so beautiful that I have not seen in years, ice on the trees.  I love the way it looks when everything is covered in ice.  I know that it is hard on the trees and the power lines and such but it can be so beautiful.  Here is was only on the lower edge of the trees.  I had to pull over and take some shots with my phone.  I am glad I did because within an hour the temperatures were above freezing and the beautiful glitter that only ice can produce was all melted.    

So pretty!  I am sorry for those that are stuck in very cold climates that are suffering right now.  I am stuck is a horrible hot hellish climate and this has been an answer to prayers for me.  Everyone I know is blaming me for the cold weather and I will claim it.  God is listening to me right now.  Leave your prayer requests for me and I will add them in.  (I know God always listens but I am feeling loved again - first the leaves changing color in the Fall season and now a mini ice storm. All this and heaven - man I am blessed.)

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