Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2014

"Can we come down yet?  Please!
The kids wait on the stairs to be called down.  I love this part.  I giggle as I listen to them all beg to come see if St. Nick visited or not. 
The wonder and surprise from the babies this year was too much. 
Beautiful - Adorable
Beautiful noticed the Cozy Coupe car first and ran toward it, then stopped went back and grabbed her twin.  As she and Adorable came back to the car they noticed the second Cozy Coupe.  They shrieked with excitement, that added to the joy we all felt that morning. I should also mention that they refused to exit those vehicles most of the morning.  They opened their other gifts from inside.  Bear was jealous that the twins got cars before him.

A great gift for Pooker was given by Sugar, "I finally got the Back Street Boy for Christmas!"
 The caution sign was a gift from Pickle for the family because we are always slipping on wet floors. 

 Sugar has a great bow in her hair and Pickle enjoys his gift.

 Jumba likes Pooker's gift of a medical kit.

 Dad always passes out the Santa gifts and Bear passes out the gifts from the family.  Dad likes to tease the kids before they get a gift. 

 Pooker loved her gift from Nanny and Gramps.  I mean LOVED it.

Then  came the line that I love, "We got tears guys!"  , and they did get tears.

You see, when I was in St. Louis the kids found this Precious Moments paint it yourself nativity set.  It was the perfect number of pieces, 11.  They each painted one and then signed the piece.  I collect Nativity sets and this one will by far be my favorite for ever. 
Let me tell you our entire Christmas was full of things for each other and it has been wonderful.  I am so proud of how each of the kids take care of each other.  They spent so much time and energy learning about each other and giving of themselves so that their siblings and their parents could feel God's love.  So much time was spent playing board games hour after hour.  I love listening to the laughing and talking.  These kids really love each other and world is a better place because of it.  I could not have picked a better way to celebrate God's love for the world.  Thank you God for also sharing your love with Jason and I through our wonderful loving children.
Happy Birthday to the Christ child.

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