Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy B-Day Dad

Some of us are heading out of town next week.  We will not be home for dad's big birthday. The kids all wanted dad that to know that they were thinking of him.  So they decided to turn our July 4th pool celebration into an early b-day party for dad.  He was not surprised, even though that was the kid's goal.  He is hard to surprise and it is better not to as he HATES surprises.  
 That being said he loves that his kiddos work so hard to make him happy. 

 The twins loved seeing the pool.  They love the water.

 The best part was when they noticed their siblings were the life guards.  They had a could be heard screaming for joy when they saw Goobers and Sugar.
 Our friend then started to arrive for our BBQ/Birthday party.

 So many friends came to enjoy the time with us.
 The food was delicious thanks to J and Mr. T.  It was so yummy.

 Yep that is a lot of candles.

Happy Birthday J, We all love you bunches and bunches!!

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