Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer is Here!!!

It is the first day of summer (this definition refers to the fact that it is the first day where the public school kiddos are out and the pools are now open all day!) so we headed to the pool for some fun.  I was very worried about taking the twins to the pool without dad but I did take plenty of help with me.  It was fun with Adorable and Beautiful.  They enjoy the water so much but my favorite is when we float by the lifeguard and they would see a sibling up on the stand.  I thought Adorable would kick right out of the water when she heard Sugar call her from the stand and then Beautiful was the one kicking when Bear waved.   Adorable has the pink closest to her and Beautiful has the purple.  

So summer is here.  If we can stay cool it promises to be fun.  We will only take short break  We will return our school routines the end of July.  It gets too hot here so we will enjoy the pool for the next few weeks and then plan to hunker down with school work.  (That allows us to enjoy time off around the Holidays and the March for Life!)  - For now - Happy Summer Everyone!!!

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  1. Cute pool pics! I think your school schedule sounds ideal! Kids around here (including my own!) are always ready for some school routine come late July. Fortunately, for us, we start school relatively early in Kansas which is good b/c they need it and want it!


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