Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being Sick

QUARANTINE!!!! OK, I am being a little funny here. So far no one has turned into a Zombie except for mom - due to lack of sleep! The long lasting flu is a pain. I can handle the bugs that last a few days but this week plus junk is for the birds. We are now officially on the next wave (not sure how many more will hit!). The Twins are better, just bored because Princess and Bagel are too sick to entertain them. I have currently employed Pickle and Jumba (Now feeling 100%) to clean up around the house. Last night was a long one as Princess and Bagel were on opposite shifts of getting sick, crying and then falling back to sleep. The babies are feeling better so they woke early wanting to play. Poor things find mom extremely dull, especially after a night of little sleep.. 
Please do not visit - for your own sake. We are good right now. My fear is that the big kids and I will get sick at the same time. I will let you all know if that happens. For now please say a prayer.
~This was my facebook post from April 15.  That bug lasted 2 weeks, not every one got sick but the ones that did were sick for a long time. 
In between that flu and the one that followed most of us had a bad cold.  We were coughing and hacking all the time. Ourside weather wasn't helping as it is usually about 75 degrees at least everyday when we start swim team but we were having hot hot days in the high 80s and then low low days in the 50's, all the the kiddos were supposed to be going to daily swim practice.
We all get a little worried that we are way sicker than we are when it lasts as long as it did.  The truth is our family rarely gets sick.  We are all pretty healthy people (knock on wood (of the cross) three times -"Father, Son, and Holy Spirit") so this being sick is not fun.  We are always very shocked by it.  Every year it seams to hit at the beginning of swim team.  I guess it is because we are all the sudden around all those germs that we avoided all year by homeschooling. 
I was completely caught off guard the other day as I went to get jumba ready for swim team.  (I plan to post about his first days on the team soon!)   He just turned to me and vomited all over the place, and kept coming.  Big sigh, how to rework the day to get people where they needed to be even though I felt icky all day and now I know that I have been fluish not just lazy.  Within six hours 9 out of 13 people in the house were getting sick.  This made for a fun conversation  this morning.  The big comparison of who had been the most sick.  Only a big family can relate . . .  I laughed at their stories but I know I was the one who got the sickest.  YUCK! 

It didn't last long and within two more days only Dad and Bear did not get sick.  We are all hopeful that it is over, at least for awhile.  A month of on again off again sickness reminds us how blessed we are to have each other for help when sick and to just not be alone in the stuff life throws at us. 

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